While you travel you should not have to worry about anything, especially whether you are covered for an accident during your travels. There are a wide variety of travel products to protect yourself, your property and your financial investment in your travels. Whether you are travelling for business, with a sports team, or with your family we can offer the plan that suites you.



Historically fire has been a major cause of losses to property. The most basic form of protection for your assets like Buildings, Stocks, Furniture and other contents is insurance against the contingencies of Fire, Lightning etc. By including a number of 'add ons' on this cover for various perils and contingencies it can be converted to "ALL RISK" category.



The increasing costs of healthcare are a source of worry for most individuals not fortunate to be covered under a corporate medical scheme .. In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, the financial implications can be crippling The expense level depends on the intensity and extent of the contingency.



In today's market it is priority to protect companies people while at work aswell as off work to cover work related accidents.. Extension are available to cover Accidental Death and total Disability. The compensation will be as per Qatar Labor Law benefits. Program can be extended to include Employer's Liability to cover common law...



We understand that the current economic climate is challenging for all businesses. We know that it is more important than ever to reduce costs, improve efficiency and protect businesses against uncertainties.

A solid foundation built on expert advice and support is the surest way to sustain and achieve growth for the future.



Considering Qatar to be a growing business hub in the middle east for import and transits its predominant to have specialist programs to meet market requirements.

To meet our cliental needs we provide insurance protection for conventional and specialised cargo, commercial hull, marine liability and pleasure craft.



Auto insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product. All drivers are required by law to carry public liability coverage resulting from injury to other people or to damage to other people’s property, but coverage for any damage to your car is optional. OIC will work with you to tailor a policy that meets your specific needs at a competitive price.


Our Vision

OIC strives to be a highly respected and recognized insurance consultant, based in the Middle East with global reach. Read More..


We work hard to earn trust and exceed expectations. We are accessible and available.
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ORBEE INSURANCE CONSULTANCY (OIC) brings more than 30 years of combined top notch insurance management experience to the Qatari market. Realizing that Qatar is the Middle East’s Fastest Growing Economies, OIC has pursued a proactive strategic approach and taken the necessary steps to define and supply innovative, risk-balanced, cost-effective brokerage solutions to meet the needs of this diverse and demanding market.

As an independent organization, free from ties to a particular product provider, we can meet those needs with carefully selected solutions from the world's foremost Financial Services & Insurance Companies.


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